Facebook: one of the original social media platforms but is it still relevant?

In today’s digital age, it’s hard to imagine a world without social media and, for that matter, a world without Facebook, which was one of the original social media platforms. Despite the emergence of new competitors, Facebook continues to play a crucial role in digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. In this blog, we’ll dive into why Facebook should still be part of your marketing strategy and how to use the platform to grow your business effectively.

Is It still relevant?

Many competitors have tried to take down this beast, but it still plays a crucial part in our digital marketing strategy. When thinking about your social media strategy, it’s hard to dismiss Facebook – this giant has been a mainstay in the digital world for quite some time. Despite its age, it is still the number one social media channel with an enormous 2.9 billion users. And a whopping 1.98 billion of those users go on the platform daily.

The trick for marketers is knowing when the correct time to post is, so you reach your target audience. Facebook predominantly has an adult demographic, with the 25-34 age group making up the largest share, followed by 35-44-year-olds. They use the platform to connect with family and friends. Understanding why people use this platform can help businesses connect with the right customers, which will, in turn, develop trust and build brand loyalty between the consumer and the product or service.

So why is Facebook good for your marketing strategy? 

Put simply; Facebook has exceptional segmentation capabilities which allow you to target particular audiences depending on interests, demographics and behaviours. It’s like hitting the marketing jackpot! You can choose your audience based on age, gender, education, job title and more. Targeted ads play a huge role in any marketing strategy. They do better on Facebook than many other channels due to the customer insights available, which means you get a better return on investment than other channels.

The most effective way to increase your return on investment is by improving your customer intelligence. Facebook also has lookalike audiences which allows you to target new people who look like your current customers (what more could you ask for?!) The more insight you have into your existing customer base, the better. It allows you to effectively reach new people on social media who are more likely to become future customers and hopefully loyal ones at that.

Facebook still has a role to play

In conclusion, Facebook should still play a significant role in your overall digital marketing strategy. Its massive user base, targeted advertising capabilities, and ability to improve customer intelligence make it a valuable platform for businesses of all sizes. While many other social media platforms also have a role to play in your digital marketing strategy, Facebook’s originality and staying power make it a must-have in your marketing toolbox.